If you’re looking for an amazing evening’s entertainment like you’ve never seen before, then meet brothers Giles, Ralph, and Neal Broadbent and their cousin, Graham Broadbent– aka Stringfever.

These four world-class musicians play five- and six-stringed electric violins, viola, and cello in a truly original show.  Stringfever’s unique, acclaimed version of Ravel’s “Bolero” has all four playing on one cello simultaneously!  Then they challenge the audience to play Name That Tune as they race through 20 of the best-loved film themes in one breathless arrangement.  Their Helter-Skelter / 007 James Bond medley is an absolute killer.  And the show ends with Stringfever’s breathtaking signature finale, “The History of Music…in 5 Minutes”.  

As the world’s first genetically-modified string quartet, Stringfever combines exceptional musical skill with a real talent for engaging audiences in a night they’ll never forget.  Charisma, humor, energy, and a distinctive use of custom-made “Violectra” instruments create an unique sound experience that can only be described as…Stringfever.