Salvador Live

Armed with a vivid palette of paints and intriguing theatrical and dance elements, SALVADOR LIVE! transforms a blank canvas into a custom masterpiece in minutes as your guests watch, mesmerized by his talents and techniques.  This compelling performance artist sets himself apart from other speed painters by fully interacting with the audience beyond his brush and canvas.  His costumes, his commanding personality, and his dance and performance expertise inspire and wow spectators as he brings art to life in a dazzling spectacle for the senses.

His global appeal has delighted audiences in China, Puerto Rico, Phoenix, New York, Miami, and beyond.  He has amazed guests at corporate events, trade shows, general sessions, festivals, private parties, grand openings, television appearances, concerts, galas, and virtu​ally every type of themed event. 


Salvador Live! blows guests away with his spins, flips, and incredible break dance moves, all while creating a custom painting to high energ​y music. As a one-man act,  guests are visually wowed, engaged, and entertained as Salvador Live! Splatters Your World!  Salvador Live! is a popular performer for general sessions, galas, charity events, social events, themed events, concert openers, and more


With the artist Salvador Live! as the central focus, we have created a number of larger stage productions involving costumed dancers, drummers, musicians, acrobats and more.  The enhanced live elements create an all-out painting experience like nothing you’ve ever seen!