Sports Talk Live

So….Who is the greatest pitcher of all time?
Who is the greatest college football team of all time?
What is the greatest sports record of all time?

If you asked 10 people these questions, you would probably get 10 different answers.  Next.. a friendly debate about sports unravels… and this is the true American Pastime!  Everyone has an opinion on sports.  Men, women, young and old all have a passion for their favorite team, stars, records and teams.  

SPORTS TALK LIVE!  is an interactive show from LoganMania, Inc. that includes…Guest opinions, predictions, questions and answers and more.  The guests are the stars of the show.  Each presentation has a fun, spontaneous feel.  Quick banter and sharp commentary are what makes this show so much fun.  It all starts with the guests.  They are featured and given a platform to share their thoughts and opinions.  Our Sports Talk Live team listens to them, reacts to them and of course, has fun with them (mostly at their own expense)!

The SPORTS TALK LIVE! show get the crowd going with segments like…

Progressive Trivia:  Trivia game where we give you clues to the answer and “Progressively” get to the answer, hence the name….Progressive Trivia. 
The Big Question:  (“Family Feud” style game):  Match one of the answers on the big board to a variety of topical questions.  
Ex. Best NFL coaches of all time
Your Take: We pose a question and ask our guests to chime in with their opinions and win a prize!  Ex.  Should Peyton Manning Retire? 

SPORTS TALK LIVE!  involves everyone in the conversation.  We will include an appearance by your favorite Sports Celebrity and get ready for more memorable moments.  Imagine a setting where you can ask your sports heros anything (well…almost anything!), and now we are off and running.  The SPORTS TALK LIVE hosts are well prepared, knowledgeable and possess sharp interview skills allowing the sports celebrity to relax and have fun with the guests.
Contact us to see how SPORTS TALK LIVE! can give your guests the ULTIMATE fan experience! Click on the videos today to get a sneak peak at this amazing show!