We invite you to experience our “World Class Speed Juggler and Artist Entertainer”

Blending different circus features, bouncing balls, acrobatic and modern dance with a unique personal juggling style, this artist creates a dynamic stage performance! He dances with the balls “floating” in the air and bouncing against the floor….all while defying gravity. This unique performer comes from a well know Cuban circus family Duo Doris & Mario. He graduated at the State Circus School in Moscow. Following in the footsteps of his family from an early age at the circus in Havana Cuba, the Gentleman Juggler has appeared in theaters, casinos, cruises,
circus and theme parks. He has also performed at the Fox Theater in Detroit “Cirque Dream” as part of the International Circus Festival of “Rosgoscirk Moscow”. 

THE GENTLEMAN JUGGLER …a beautiful, physical performance that combines precision and artistry!